April 8th AJET Hanami in Joetsu

Let’s enjoy Hanami!

Come join us for a relaxed day lying in the park! Boasting 4000 trees and lit by 3000 lanterns, Takada Park transforms into a huge festival grounds, with a huge range of foods, games and performances to see. We will be taking it easy by setting ourselves somewhere in the park (TBA on the day where exactly) and soaking up the atmosphere.

The festival in Takada runs from the 1st to the 17th, so we will head there for the 8th. As it seems to be in the middle of the season, we should see some good blooms at this time. Of course, if you’re around town, you should check out the vibe at anytime!

The Takada Cherry Blossom Festival webpage:

… and the official Sakura Forecast can be found here:

Location (here)
Look forward to seeing you there!

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